What are your steps to asking an acquaintance to hang out?

What are the good effective steps?

How do you know when you are "ready to hang out"?

Should I say, "We should...sometime." I mean, it shouldn't be confusing but it is. I don't get how people start hanging out with each other. Usually when I say or they say we should hang out, it never happens with acquaintances I know. Sometimes I feel like they say it out of obligation but they know in the back of their mind that they don't want to hangout or get too busy with their lives.

I also don't want to continuously press the person to hangout either. That may seem a little intrusive or awkward.


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  • That's how I do it. Usually, a confirmation message is required. Example:

    You: We should ____ some time!

    X:Yeah, that sounds great!

    -Some conversation continues-

    *Time passes*

    You: Hey, did you want to go _____ later today?

    X: Yes / No

    You: -Responds accordingly-


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