Do you get along with your boyfriend's/girlfriend's mother?

I've been with my boyfriend for a year now. He's the sweetest guy. And I love him dearly. When I first met his mom, she was a nice lady. When I came over, she greeted me fantastic. We got along just fine. A week after Valentine's day, her husband passed away. Since they had recently moved, she asked if I could help them move a few things, she basically needed another hand. Of course I said yes. I understood the situation. A few months passed, she feels great, She's not depressed about what happen, you know? However, every time I come over, I'm feel like I'm... her "maid" She either wants me to clean the turtle tank, clean her closet, do the dishes, fold their laundry, and I just think its pathetic. Am I over reacting? I mean, I really like her, I just don't like what she makes me do, all the time I go over.. help?


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  • my gfs mom is great to me. every time I go visit and stay for a couple of days she has a 6 pack of my favorite beer waiting

    • But that doesn't answer my question. Am I just over reacting, what she makes me do? Or what?

    • well you asked "do you get along with your bf/gf's mother" so I answered it

      she probably needs a lot of help around the house now that she's alone, and might be subconsciously using you to deal with that pain

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  • Unfortunately I was only getting to know my fiance mother when she passed away but I get along brilliantly with the rest of his family. He also gets along extremely well with my family.

    With your situation is there any chance she's lonely and is just using the excuse of you doing something to keep you there