If you never had a boyfriend or girlfriend, why would people expect you to not be so emotional over someone?

Like when a girl gets so emotional over a crush or goes crazy over a guy her friends look at her & be like "what is wrong with you he is just a guy".

Especially if you been rejected by him & you still think about him & talk about him. People think to themselves that you must be crazy or something, but they don't really understand that the reason why you are the way are is because you never had the experience of dating someone yet & when you start getting infatuated with a person it's a big deal to you.

What's wrong with being human?


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  • The assumption that's been made is that you're not the dating type. To violate that assumption is to force them out of their comfort zone. If you have trouble getting over someone and too much time goes by, some might be tempted to view you as a stalker figure.

    It's taken me 14 years to get over one girl I once knew. Once the "need" to replace her with someone else went away, I found myself feeling less and less motivated to pursue romantic prospects. So far, that's spared me some heartache. Since most of the past prospects have been very disappointing.


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