Should I or should I not?

Lately my boyfriend has been busy with work and he hasn't been reply to my texts or calls too much. I'm supposed to see him later this week. I was wondering if it would be OK to make love with him. Like does he deserve that for how hard he's been working at work or should I hold off on that until I see him replying to my texts more and calling me more. I didn't want to give him that then he just keeps doing the same thing but at the same time I wonder if holding off on that will make things worse.


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  • Typical way of a woman to deal with a problem, blackmail the guy by withholding sex, wtf is wrong with women? But yeah guys are always the jerks. Doesn't matter he worked his tail off, it's all about you you you, isn't it?

    • I normally ''defend'' women lol but I have to agree with you now. Using sex will only make things worse.

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  • The sex won't change him into responding your texts or calls. You need to sit down with him & discuss the problem.