Please help me!! don't know what to do...

Me and My girlfriend have been dating for a few months now and most of the relationship so far has been me waiting for her to not be busy. We would see each other every day at school for a bit and then hang out once a week usually on Fridays. This whole time I've just been thinking, all I got to do is wait till summer then we can spend some time together (more than one time a week). Its 2 weeks into summer and I've hung out with her... 2 times. I really want to see her and she lives 5 min away from me. Its summer now and I was expecting she would start to ask to hang out and stuff but its still just me asking her and her being busy. She tells me how much she likes me and wants to be with me etc but she has a damn funny way of showing it. How can I talk to her about hanging out more without coming off as a whinny clingy a**hole? I also don't want to make her feel too bad cause she is my girlfriend after all


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  • Mate, one thing you can try doing is to talk to her and tell her how you feel about her, also the waiting part...

    Get to know from her if she's as in love with as you are with her.. If she is, tell her that you need to feel / see it in ways you understand and just not hear it. Hopefully she'll be smart enough to see your stand.


    • thanks man, ya I've had friends tell me this same thing. A part I left out is that she always likes to say things to me hinting that she make like me and she asks if we can do all these cheesy couple stuff and everything but she just never makes the effort to actually plan it. I think she's tried to tell me she loves me a few times but I think she's hinting at me to say it first. My reason for not sating it is its hard to love something that's never there

    • Mate, in that case you will have to make it clear with her, that its cool to play hard-to-get but games can't be played forever. You'll have to come clean with her of what your expectations are and if she's interested; make a plan together and stick by it. If you get excuses (genuine as it could seem), know the time is come to move on.