Can someone tell me what's going on here?

So I liked this guy (Max) and at one point he liked me. However, he backed off because his mate was into me too. He has a job handing out flyers at the moment and his 'boss' is a guy I'm mates with (Pete) that's a couple years older than me and best friends with the Max's big brother. The complication is I quite like the big brother now (Andy).

So I work in a cafe with Andy but its volunteer work just. We chat a lot and hang out a lot. Today in the cafe Max came up to me to say Pete would like me to also hand out flyers if I was interested. So I have taken the job and will be having to hand out flyers with Max. However, the weird thing was that he asked me even though I don't really know him and don't know why he wouldn't ask someone else in the cafe that he is good mates with instead. To top it off when I then went over to Andy and started to chat with him, Pete was making a gesture of a 'mixing bowl' to infer he was stirring something up. I was wondering if you can tell me what's going on here? does it have something to do with me? :S


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  • Max likes you and wants to ask you out

    While andy is helping him out


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