Not sure if I like him?

There is this guy that I know likes me. I am not sure if I like him back though. A couple of weeks ago the guy who I was probably in love with left and I am not sure if I am over him yet. I told this guy who likes me that I likes him too but this was before the guy I was in love with came into thr picture. Now that he is gone I have gone on a couple of dates with the guy who likes me ns I am not sure if I like him back. Should I play along or break it off and how should I phrase it?

The reason I am not sure is that he is really shy and cautious and not my typical type At all

Is there a way to phrase it to minimize te awkwardness? We will be in all four classes for first semester together too...


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  • If you're not sure it's probably for a reason. Don't string him along, trust me guys would rather be smashed to bits than be played.


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