Would you date any of this guys? Which one sounds the Best to you?

Guy n-1 blond /blue eyes/tall/25yo/skinny/no body or facial hair

Guyn-2. Brunette/blue eyes/short/27yo/buff/ hairy with facial hair

Guy one romantic to its core, clingy, needy, sweet, caring, still broken hearted by his exs

Guy2 aloof, doesn't open up,stubborn, caring, the opposite of clingy, doest call or make any efford to meet you, never been in a serious relationship

So what You guys think? Both guys are real

More info

Guy and one like girlie music like Justin Timberlake lol

Likes to compliment you, thinks he is good looking/engineer, very emotional,

Guy n2 has a prettier masculine face than n1,cocky, never compliments You, only if You are extremely hot, hard to read, hide his emotions, lawyer


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  • I'm not all that attracted to either one. But let's say I don't have any other options, shall we? Just for the fun of it.

    Based upon body, I'd be more interested in Guy 1, but I saw "clingy" listed in the personality traits and cringed. So I was more into Guy 2 up until I read "lawyer." Don't like lawyers at work, sure as hell don't want another one at home - it would be like trying to have a quality relationship with my dad. Therefore, I'd go for Guy 1, because when it comes to despicable things, lawyer trumps clingy, even if it's only by a small margin.

    • Loved your answer and totally agree with the lawyer and clingy thing, there is a 3 option.Short,brunette,dark eyes,skinny,facial hair,funny, cheerful, caring, horticulture,flirts very subtle, has a bunch of girl friends its all about organic food, social work and open relationship, Up for ons not ready for a comitment

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    • Lol no he said, You should wait for something better ( not him) I thought him...he doesn't want me, he just thinks I am nice

    • Well, in that case, take what he gave you - an out. And put it to good use. Find somebody just as nice but with less baggage. I'd say this one could be a worthwhile friend if you both can handle that.

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  • Well nice guys are usually kind of emotional, I used to be a nice guy and if you're not with someone it's a tough and lonely place to be. If he is a nice guy trust me he definitely has thought about getting it in with you if he likes you but he's thought much more about romance. Granted he probably thinks too much about romance to a point where it's borderline girly. However I'm just going off human nature, empirical evidence, and a little bit of research I've read. I really wouldn't know unless I met the guy. Again good luck and message me if you have any questions

    • Yeah sound a lot like him, sometimes I think he friendzoned me just as a self protaction as he is to bitter with his last relationships, but he flirts in a naughty way, like when we are chatting on fb and I say got go need to shower he says if You take me with You I give You a massage...

  • Guy one sounds like the classic nice guy, he will dote on you and make you feel amazing but he will also be needy like you said. Guy two sounds like the classic bad boy, he will excite you but at the same time he will make you feel insecure. It's really just dependant on what you want and ultimately you don't need to chose either if you don't want. If you want to wait for someone who suits you better than wait but ultimately you know what you will decide. Good luck.

    • Yeah You said it all, not So sure how much of a Nice guy is n1 now as he was rejected by his exs and now says he doesn't believe in love, not So sure what he wants with me, or actually I do, just get into my pants and dump me like a bad guy would

What Girls Said 4

  • Honestly, I would go for neither guy, but if you had to choose guy one would treat you better.

    • Why not? Do they sound that bad?

    • They aren't bad. I just have preference for masculine darker guys (guys that look like guy 2, but taller) however guy 2 sounds like the players I know and I would never go there, trusting him would be an issue. I said guy one was better because he won't treat you badly. But he wouldn't suit me because I can't put up with clingyness or over emotional people as I am neither myself.

    • I understand :) Well I am quite emotional myself even though I think guy 2 is way hotter than one , one looks a lot like me in personality

  • Guy 1, although I don't like all his traits.

    I dislike how guy 2 is short and hairy.

    • Lol So what's bad about 1?

    • He's needy. Don't know if that's good or bad, but I smell bad haha.

    • Yeah it can be bad...he likes to pat my hair a lot, kind of bugs me...

  • personally neither, I have the only guy in mind I wanna be with

    so its your call, depends on which one you see yourself with more long term I guess

    • I know, I just wanna hear what other people think about them from this discription

  • I would date the guy on the anonymous girl account :)

    • Lol I am not a guy seriously :) I want girls opinions on this