Am I supposed to feel any different?

Okay dated this guy for four months, then went to hooking up, then back to dating. Now in between hooking up and dating the second time, I started to distance myself because I was not expecting him to want a relationship. He said "As far as the Girlfriend And Boyfriend thing goes, I am not sure if that is what I want". I said okay, I was totally fine with it because I was not sure if I wanted a relationship at the time either. I was not planning on manipulating or convincing him to have a relationship with me. I really do not want to convince anyone to be with me. If he did not want a relationship, Its all good regardless of his reasons.

But he wants to continue hanging out, I am a little hesitant because I already told him I am not going to continue hooking up. They go nowhere and I would be wasting my time as well as his. Also, I am a woman--I come with feelings, and that is just asking for drama. I do not want to deal with it. I want to avoid it.

Now is he going to be offended if I say I just want to be friends? I do not know what else we could be. Not Hook up buddies because that is not an option for me---I have three other guys asking me to be sex buddies, I am tired of being asked that. I do not want a relationship either because I am not in the right place for a relationship and I do not consider myself "girlfriend" material. Too FreeSpirted for that bull...Also I can be affectionate, but I just naturally am not that affectionate. Kind of waiting for someone special to be affectionate with.

He told me "I don't think you think I like you, but I do"

I do not understand what that means, now that he likes me more as a friend and possibly more than a sex buddy, how am I supposed to feel?

I mean I like him and I can see it going somewhere but I don't know what he wants from me. He finds me attractive---and he likes me. And I feel a connection with him.

He asked me to hang out with him the other night around 9 pm, first time in 3-4 Weeks, to talk, and I got the idea that he wanted to hookup. I told him straight up, that he needed to find someone else to do with that. He said that was not what he was doing and that he was offended.

Now I have a lot of guy friends, and some of them said that he might of needed some time to think what he was going to do with me because I came to that point of not wanting to hookup anymore.

Hence the 3-4 weeks since he last asked to hangout, He texted me in between the 3-4 weeks, just didn't ask to hangout. Now he wants to hangout again, he is really hard to read. He is saying one thing, but then his actions are saying another.

I am the type of girl to not resend a guy either because he did not want a relationship, it is totally understandable to not know what you want. I am fine being his friend, but the thing is how fair is it to me if he gets to have his cake and eat it? Keep sleeping with me pretending it is one thing, then acting like we are nothing either because we are not in relationship.


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  • No, it's pretty resonable to feel the way that you feel. I mean with the time you've given him he should know what he wants by now.

    • Yes, Your Right, Thanks. That is what I thought too. That is enough time to know if I am what you what or not. :-) Thank You!

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