Do you think that interactions between guys and girls always involve games?

It just seems to me that any interactions between 2 people of the opposite gender always involves some form of game or nonsense, even if its between just friends. For example, what's with gender roles? If a girl likes a guy, why does she have to jump through the hoops to get him to ask her out. Or on another note, if a girl doesn't like a guy, why does she just start ignoring him instead of being honest? On top of that, why is there so much communication through friends?

I'm just asking because it seems every girl I've had romantic interest in has played on of these games...point being, I'm an adult...I can handle rejection, honesty, and the absense of gender roles. What do you think?


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  • Yeah, a lot of it... the basis is that they simply don't know what's appropriate. Other than that it's to do with shyness!

    As for why it goes through friends, I guess it's because that's the way society displays it. TV shows, magazines, movies - girls gossiping about guys and relationships.

    If they're just starting out with dating they're probably going to go to their only source - friends and family.

    • Its just frustrating because I'm tired of being confused and such. For example, after going out on a first date with a girl, she told her friends and co-workers that she had a blast and talks about me all the time...but yet she doesn't even talk to me anymore, in fact, she goes out of her way to avoid me and I'm left confused because we really hit it off. Anymore with girls I just feel like a pawn in a game of chess, and I know guys can be just as worse.

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    • Tell me how to recognise these people because I would like to join you in avoiding them lol

    • That's kinda hard. :P

      People who are really close to their family members will most likely fill them in on anything and everything and those are the people who are generally persuaded by them.

      Friends who often hang out in big groups at bars/clubs will usually talk to each other about their guy/guys.

      Other than that I can't tell you what to avoid because it becomes really detailed and personalised so basically you'd just have to get to know their character / find out the hard way.

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  • Usually there are games involved,but I wouldn't take it as far as 'always.' If someone really likes you they won't play so many games with you!

    Girls with security issues are the ones who most tend to play games Or they are just shy and inexperienced.

  • No not always.

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