Guys do you sometimes wait a while before contacting a girl?

I met this guy this weekend. We just talked briefly. The next day I sent him a friend request and he accepted but did not say anything. He waited a day and then posted something on my wall. So for the next two days we messaged back and forth. He was actually the last one to comment...but it was not really something that I could comment back on. Haven't heard from him at all today. I'm not freaking out or anything..was just wondering if you guys sometimes wait a while in between contacts with a girl you just met.


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  • Yes, wait a bit is always good

  • for the same reason you would he waited because he did not wish to seem desperate or needy. he felt if he messaged you sooner he would appear to be that and that scares away girls.

    • I appreciate your response. FYI if the guy is confident enough and hot enough he can blow up my phone like crazyt lol. Buts that's me...i suppose it would bother some girls.

    • we all have our own doubts about ourselves. ever write a test and your sure of that multiple choice answer but when you read it again another answer seems better despite you studying that multiple times your minds just playing tricks

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