I thought we were just friends untill....

So I was texting one of my guy friends and the topic of boobs was brought up because I was explaining to him that my friend was mad at me for wearing a low cut tank top to work because I was distracting somebof the boys.He then proceeded to text me," they are nice" At first I thought he was just trying to be nice and comfort me so I told him that my theory was right and guys are obsessed with boobs and that I would never wear a low cut shirt again. And this is where things began to cross the line. He sent me texts begging me not to, so I gave him a warning and said your kinda crossing the line, and he responded Idc, how big are they? I then gave him another warning and he responded again with an "Idc" followed by come on, so am I lucky enough to have my question answered. If you answer my question then I'll answer one for you . After I didn't respond for a few min. He sent me a text saying comon where's the fun? At this point I have no idea what to say back to him! Any advice? Nothing like this has ever happened between us before, and it's weird cause earlier I had just told him that I was really into another guy we worked with. So I have no idea where this came from


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  • I say you are friends...its just that he's being a little weird and immature about it. He might have something for you...but I think its mostly him just being an immature young man in general.


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  • sounds like typical boys stuff...

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