I like this guy but he doesn't want a girlfriend?

I like this guy who I met on funadvice. I posted that I hate myself which he suddenly out the blue messaged me asking me if I'm alright and that he saw the post and said if I need anyone to talk to,that he is here. He kinda helped me out with my problems. We started chatting a lot after that. I stopped messaging him and I posted asking how to be pretty when your ugly. I wanted advice and tips but then he messaged me thinking I was offended by him saying he likes talking to.gay/bi people since I'm bi.and said that he saw my post and said "Uuuuuu rrrrrrr pretttttty" .

He asked if there was any other way I can convince him and I said Ummmm asking me out maybe but you seem like you don't want a girlfriend. He said "You don't know how bad I want a girlfriend but I'm sorry :( I'm afraid I won't be able to commit" . I accepted it and asked if he.can show me a funny vid to make me laugh. I'm happier now and we still talk and have pretty good conversations. he's sweet,very caring,geeky like me :P...which makes me hve feelings for him. I don't know what to do because I kinda want to be more...


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  • You don't know this guy. You want to start dating me? I'm on the internet also. But seriously, it sounds like he just wanted to be a nice guy. If you live in New York I'll take you on a date. You pay though, I don't buy dinner for strangers. Not anymore anyway.


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  • It won't happen. If a guy says he doesn't want a relationship or that he's not in a good frame of mind to be looking for one, then it's not a good idea to wait for him to change.

    On the plus side, at least he's being honest.


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  • don't do it. It's generally a bad idea to get feelings for someone who openly admits he won't commit or doesn't want a relationship. You can tell him how you feel but that might make you feel worse or drive you crazy because he doesn't want what you do right now. If you want to wait and see then that is fine. but it's hard to not get your feelings hurt in this type of situation. hope it helps