Should I be with the guy I'm comfortable with or the one who gives me butterflies?

There is a guy who I have had strong feelings for for the past year. When I see him my heart skips a beat and I get butterflies. I'm incredibly shy around him. I'm 90% sure the feelings are mutual by the way we are around each other.

The there is another guy who makes me laugh and I'm myself around but I just don't have that feeling, like I do with the other guy.

Do I stick with the guy that makes me laugh or risk telling the guy who gives me butterflies how I feel?


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  • I happen to be in the exact same position as you now, but I finally made the move with the guy who makes me feel comfortable because he made his move too, whereas the one with the butterflies is going veeeery slow.

    But, I can tell you that I'm not happy with my decision, I have no feelings for the guy "I chose" except appreciation. I miss the butterflies, the hartbeats etc.

    Therefore my advice to you would be to stay with butterflies, you're supposed to be enthusiastic with a new relationship, not just pleased or safe.. So take risks, and even if nothing happens, next one..


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  • Sometimes infatuation can be misleading. If that is all you have with the other guy, maybe get to know him a little better before breaking it off with the one that makes you laugh!

  • id go with the guy that gives you the butterflies just be patient everything takes time!