Does she even want to see me?

So I've met this girl and we have really connect and she says she is into me, and she says that she wants to see me again before I leave, but we only had a choice of two days. She said she didn't know about either day, and I told her I was free both, so it was up to her, while texting her in the morning of the first day, I asked if she had plans after work, and she did, going to a friends house(guy). Then I asked if she knew about Saturday, and again it was an IDK. Does she really want to see me, or just blowing me off?

Well I dropped her, I told her that since she doesn't know what she was doing we would go to dinner, and now she would know what she was doing, didn't get a reply. About 5 hours later asked her are we going to dinner or not, and again no reply. She ended up replying at 2 in the morning, only saying Hey.


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  • It sounds like she may be flaky. Girls like to be chased, but most of us will make plans with a guy we like if he asks. Make sure you're not being vague (like "hey, you wanna maybe do something sometime"). Ask her straight up if she would go to coffee or dinner with you on a certain day you decide on. Women like men to make a move; it shows that you're interested.

    • And shows they like to take charge and women like that too-he seems a bit wishy washy huh?

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  • Forget her. She is using you as an ego boost. If she texts you say that you are getting head from 2 cheerleaders and you are busy

    • Grow a bigger pair and either forget her or just tell her it is you or the other guy.

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    • Well when ever she replies I'll update on what's going on.

    • Ok. Take charge or forget her ass and take charge with the next one

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