Has anyone had any success with online dating sites?

Just wondering what are people's experiences with online dating sites. I am thinking about trying it out.


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  • I've tried it out on several sites that you hear about daily; such as Match and eHarmony. Here are my thoughts:

    eHarmony is blah. You get a lot of matches, but either the distance is screwed up, or they aren't actually active any longer. Or, some members don't even have photos up. So, despite what you hear about it, I'd pass.

    Match seems pretty good and I've had a few dates. One even lasted for a few months.

    It's iffy either way though. I'd rather meet someone in person, but I'm busy and my only option is online.

    • Wow. thanks for the input. I made a match.com profile the other night, but I am not sure whether or not I want to fork over the money.

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    • Okay that's what I will do. So it's "cool" for a girl to wink first? ha ha, sorry I'm inexperienced with these things.

    • Haha, well I'm a guy, and yes I find it flattering when a girl winks first. That's a good thing about online dating, it doesn't matter if you are shy because it's so easy to just wink and start talking.

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  • I haven't went on such a website. But I work as a waitress and I worked at a marriage and they had met online. So good luck to you :)

  • I have had luck with it.

    Im now on my second relationship. The first one lasted 18 months and we come to an end because it was not working out and I'm now in my second one. It is quite new, we have been together a couple of months and it seems to be going well.

    Everyone is different, so it does work out for some people and not for others. It has also worked of for a few friends. It is good because you can search for people who share simular interests.

    I use it because all of my friends are in relationships and I'm not confident enough to go out in bars and clubs and meet people.

    Plentyoffish.com is good and it is free also datingdirect.com

    Just be careful, don't give out any personal details and if you do meet someone, make sure it is somewhere which is busy and well lit. Also let a friend know where you are.

    Good luck!

    • I checked out plentyoffish.com and it seems kind of unreliable and untrustworthy to me like there is a catch or something... have you have luck with it?