Are we together now? I don't know!

A guy asked me out on a date, and I told him I would hang out with him at the carnival first to get to know him. But the guy is a big player and hardly paid any attention to me, and there were a lot of other girls coming up to him and hugging him and dragging him on rides. His friend was the one who was talking to me and paying attention to me, and was being considerate and everything. I thought he was cute, but I assumed he was just a nice guy and that was all he was talking to me for.

My sister finally dragged the four of us on the Ferris wheel, me and the player on one side, and her and his friend on the other. We somehow got on the topic of phones, and my sister and I got the friend's number. I texted him hey and my name so he would know how to spell it, and he texted back "I'm really sorry about the way my friend is acting." I told him it was fine (through texts) and when we got off the ferris wheel, he texted me back saying "No, it's not okay honey, he's not treating you right. If you want, you can stand by me :) " And so I did.

We hung out the rest of the night, and he was being really sweet and everything, and we got on the ferris wheel again. He sat next to me and a little later asked if he could put his arm around me, which I said yes. We stayed like that and talked until the ride was over, and got on three more times.

After the third time, I realized I had to get going, so we went together to find my sister and the friend I came with. They were on another ride, so we stood and watched until they were finished. By that time he had taken my hand, and asked if it was alright, which I told him it was.

He walked me to my car and hugged me, and to my surprise, kissed me too. When I got home I texted him to let him know I was home safe and he apologized for kissing me because he thought he was coming on too strong, and I told him he was fine. He admitted he really liked me, and I told him I liked him too, and we talked the rest of the night until I was too tired to stay up.

I called my Aunt in the morning because I knew they knew each other (ironically, he's my aunt's boss's son. And when they made a souvenir of me when I was younger, the boy that was with me was him!) And my Aunt had nothing but good things to say about him, and said that when he asked me out that I should go for it.

But the thing is, he hasn't asked me out yet. Does that mean we're not together, or is after last night, we are? I don't know, and I feel shy to ask. What do you think?


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  • First I just wanna say that is so freakin cutee!

    Lol okay so back to business. I wouldn't say you two are dating unless you both either came to a mutual agreement or until he asked you out. But from the looks of it I'm sure he wants to date you. He seems like an amazing guy! You need to talk to him about it. Maybe just say something like "Hey if you were to introduce me to some friends of yours what would you introduce me as?". Something more subtle so maybe it will be easier for you. Or heck! Just come out and say it. "Hey so and so you would consider us a couple or just close friends?".

    I wish you the best of luck! <3 :)

    • Thank you! He is amazing, he's sweet and kind and considerate... I just feel so lucky!

      I'm going to see how it's going to be tonight at the carnival. He's going every night, and I am too, and the best part is the fireworks are tonight. <3 lol

      I'm really sure he does because he keeps saying he wants to be the right guy for me and I'm the right girl for him and everything, I'm just thinking "Ask me out already!" lol

    • Awww! Girl you are lucky! Haha I'm happy for you :)

      The fireworks should be amazing with him! Your chance to get all cuddly with him hehe lol

      Maybe tonight will be the night he asks you to be his girl! *screams and jumps for joy* Got get your man gurll. Lol :)

    • lol thanks :) We were together, he even introduced me as his girlfriend but he broke up with me this morning... We're going to be friends for now, to get to know each other better. Then maybe. I hope.. I really like him

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  • No, technically you're not "together" yet. I guess people have different expectations from when going on dates becomes dating. Most give it a date or two before saying so but it differs. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. :-)

    • Okay :) I guess it would be kinda weird to say we were after one day (or date, although I don't know if yesterday was because it wasn't even planned or anything, it just happened. Would you call that a date still? Ahhh I'm new to all this >.< ) And I'm guessing since we're planning on spending time together tonight like we did last night, that's a date too?

    • I think you can safely count yesterday as a date and tonight too. You guys don't actually have to come out and ask each other to be "dating." Sometimes it's just a mutual understanding based on the time you spend with each other.

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  • You are not together for along time, until you get to know each other. Til then, You can ask him if he wants do do something, or better yet, wait 3 day to a week, for him to ask you. And don't say it's OK that he kissed you, say that it was nice or you liked it. Mean what you say more!

    • Actually, I told him it was okay that he did it, and I was fine with it and that I liked it, and also that it was the first time I'd ever been kissed. I wasn't that exact with that in the question, but I did.

      And okay :) Well, we're spending time together at the carnival for today and tomorrow, but after that I don't know what we'll do. I know he'll want to see me again and I want to see him again, so I guess he may ask then.