Girls would you refuse to date a guy who wasn't confident?

Even if he was weak and wasn't physically strong due to past injuries. Would you still date him if he was strong willed?


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  • yeah, lol My ex broke his back when he was younger and also hurt his arm to where he ended up loosing muscle mass. Honestly an injury is out of your control and when experiencing pain it is nice to have someone to make you feel comfortable

    • thank you for the best answer :)

    • No problem. That's sweet of you that you would comfort a guy like that.

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  • I think confidence goes a long way, you have to be comfortable with who you are and love yourself before you can be a good match for someone else, so yea a guy who isn't confident wouldn't come across as very attractive

  • I would not date a guy who wasn't confident. I don't like being around people who have really strong insecurity issues. I've dated guys who had no confidence before and the relationships suffered because of it. It's not attractive anyway


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