What is a good way to weed out bad women from good women?

this includes gold diggers and people you don't just click and cheaters


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  • good question! well first thing is to get to know them of course, and I've had pretty awful ex-best friends who were girls so I can give you some pointers on who to avoid:

    -the girl that talks too much about herself and mentions every detail about her like how silky beautiful her hair is a perfect shade of auburn -cocky

    -the girl that gossips a lot and trash talks especially other girls

    -the girl that always mentions other guys and the whole omg I think he likes me, omg he sent me this creepy text message, omg I think he's in love with me, omg he asked me out, omg he likes every Facebook pic I put up, he's obsessed with me, anything along those lines, my ex frenemy was like that and she was way too obsessed over herself and getting mens attention because that's how insecure she was, she ended up playing lots of guys and stealing my man too and cheated on 2 of her bf's she was the worse bitch I ever met.

    -the girl that always talks about money, and materialistic things, what car she wants, and shows off and discusses ph D plans and going to harvard, another ex friend always talked about her boyfriends earnings, and going to a top ivy league college, and how much money he has saved up, and how well off his family is, and it always made me wanna puke like get over yourself, also when we hung out its like she always wanted to go to the top scale restaurants and didn't wanna go to places I wanted to go, like she's too cool for things her friends wanna do.

    -the girl that enjoys watching jersey shore and mtv in general, of all the girls I've known who watch that are usually the frenemies and jerks.

    -loud mouth in the group, talks on and on trying to be the leader in the group, stealing attention away from others, not giving others a chance to speak

    -too many guy friends, too many guy numbers on her phone

    -speaking of phone, always on her phone, living her fake ass cyber life like she's cool sh*t and popular, most her of her friendships probably aren't genuine

    -girls that try too hard to act like one of the guys and talk about sex openly, again from my experience theyre usually the cocky self obsessed player types.

    now as for the good women and what to look out for:

    -she may be shy and good girl type, may be polite and studious, goes to the library or just works hard in life, earns things on her own, is independent, has a job, may be volunteers on her free time

    -she likes babies and children, pets animals, most likely wants kids and wants a loving husband and family.

    -isnt materialistic, doesn't buy brand clothes or bags just sticks to her own style and rocks it being simple, or she will save her money and buy one special thing like a purse and will make good use out of it

    -always listens to you and observes, respects others, gives others a chance to shine and speak

    -she remembers things you say or do

    -she is always there for her friends and family, is a good support to those she loves

    -is moral, doesn't lie or cheat and has self respect

    hope this helps!


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  • Watch their actions. Make sure they match what they say their values are. For example, if somebody says they're honest then you witness them hide certain questionable information from the important people in their life... kinda says they're not so honest.

  • Get to know someone before you jump into dating them.

  • I do the same thing with players and guys who are undesirable at the core.

    What I do is just observe the way they interact with others very carefully. If they screw me or someone else over or do something really grimy, then to be totally honest they're taking themselves out of my romantic/dating/relationship interests. I think it's really important to understand someone's past. This includes their past with relationships. Your past says a lot about who you are and why you are the way you are. Yeah, a lot of people change from their past and it makes them better. But a lot of people don't and their past is just a repeating present. Their actions haven't changed and it's a behavioral pattern that you need to take note of.

    • Very, very true. And I just had a guy tell me his past didn't matter, it's not important in his current relationship. Now that I've learned he's a lying, manipulator who talks a great talk, but doesn't walk the walk, I realize WHY he didn't want me to focus on his past.

    • LJHam (lol what's up with that user name? :P), your past is always important. Your past is the code to who you are. People who tend to insist that the past is irrelevant usually have pasts they're not proud of or don't like to talk about. They usually don't want to talk about the past because for whatever reason, their past is ugly so they just talk all this "The past doesn't matter." bs. The past does matter to an extent.

  • Walk up to her, ask her if she wants to go back to your place for some nookie nookie, and if she says yes...get rid of her!

    Good women have morals and principals that they adhere to. If they fail on this one, they will fail on others too.


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  • I don't know anything about gold diggers. Cheaters, all I can say, is that you got to make it a point to say sometime how much you think infidelity has no part in a relationship. Mention during coffee or something like, "Don't you hate it when people ask would you be in an open relationship. An open relationship is not a relationship at all", or something like that. People you just don't click with...that sometimes takes the first date and sometimes takes many, many dates to figure out. It all depends on how communicative you are, how communicative they are, and how much both of you open up about the serious things in life. No offense whatsoever, but if you just want to date people, then gold diggers and cheaters is all you really need to worry about. People who you just don't click with aren't gonna matter much anyway unless both of you take it to the next level.

    Good luck!

  • You have to know yourself. If you know you have material things, and you that you don't click with a girl, then she might be staying with you for the wrong reasons. Especially if she's the one who lets you know that you don't click with her. If she seems to be trying to mooch off of you, then she's probably with you for the wrong reason. If you get with a girl but you don't click for her, she has an excuse to cheat on you. If you enjoys casual sex and has it often and your not good at it then she really has an excuse. The "click" is part of what makes sex enjoyable for women. Make sure that she's into you. There's really no way to know for sure though.

  • get to know them, ask them questions