Guys: How can I fix a previous relationship?

He and I were good friends. When we became close we gradually start to go out together. I don't know what he feels about me, but I haven't been genuinely happy in a while.

Back then, he also liked my personality.

There's this one day where I used a very extreme and disrespectful method to help a friend that I really cared about. I would not deny that the method would be wrong in the eyes of many others, and he was trying really hard to advice me that I should change my attitude. But I was too pissed when he spoke to me and things got a little messed up.

As of now, I feel that he no longer sees me as the same person anymore.

I tried explaining to him why I opted using such a method this time (which I usually don't) and I told him that I cared about how he sees me.

But everything since this incident, we have been reacting to each other coldly.

Is there any ways I could bring our previous relationship, or at least friendship, back?


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  • I think it will be hard to get back what you once had with this guy. It depends on how bad that extreme disrespectful method was. He really must had tooked it personal. You could apologize which I'm assuming you already did. Maybe you cna take him out to lunch or dinner or something like that. You can also keep saying sorry about it. Nobody is perfect and if he really cared about you and loved you then he should had tried to have gotten over that situation unless if it was something very bad. Life is to short to hold grudges.

    • Well it may not be something really bad to most people, in fact most of my friends can understand why was I applying that method. But I believe it's something that he fundamentally doesn't like (ie anyone who does this he'll get the rush in the head).

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    • Hi there! I'm done with my exams and I tried talking to him over Skype chat. Not entirely no response, however it wasn't like before anymore. Any chances or comments? Do you think I should make a face to face explanation over the incident which led us to this?

    • Heh ther! That is cool that your done with exams and congrats. I hope you did well on them. That sucks that he didn't respond over Skype. I think talking ot him face ot face would be the best best bet because everything else he can ignore you if he wants to. I think explaining ot him face to face what lead up to this like you said would be your best option. I hope things work out.

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