Am I reading too much into it?

I have a guy friend, we're both married, me happily and him not so much. We've become close friends over the last school year as we carpooled and had a lot of time to talk. Earlier in the school year I admitted in a drunken text conversation that I was attracted to him, but said I knew it was one sided and that there is no intent to act on it. We talked about it a little and moved on like it never happened (at my request). Recently others have commented that we sound like a married couple and those who just meet us together assume we are together (not out socially) and there have been odd moments that have made me stop and wonder. When we found out he was accepted into grad school and I wasn't, he kept saying we were supposed to do it together and then tried to tell me he would decline so I could go. At commencement he grabbed my hand and held it for a brief time as I was passing him to my spot in line (which could have entirely been to comfort me because I was obviously nervous). We are flirtatious, especially in texting but we also just have rather practical conversations about other things that each other may need help with. The other day I texted him to ask if we were okay because he was not his jovial self lately (and I was concerned it had something to do with his wife friending me on FB) and after replying with some jokes he said "just kidding man, I love you like I always have"

I don't know if maybe its because I was attracted to him I am reading into it this way, or if this is just the way he is because he is an incredibly nice guy.

I don't know what to do.


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  • Well, it would be pretty ugly if you both decided to get a divorce so you could be together. Time will tell if there's really something there. But I suspect that you became close friends because you were carpooling together and you should push the thought of being together out of your mind.

    He's an idiot if he doesn't go to grad school because you didn't get accepted.


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  • I'm ninteen so I really have no perspective on what to tell you and neither does anyone else on this site. I rarely see people outside of the 18-24 range on here I'm just messaging to say if you want help from someone with real perspective I would look elsewhere. Good luck.

  • oh man, I hate women with male friends. f***! not hate, I despise.

    it's not about this "guy friend" of yours. it's about your husband. you obviously don't love him. get a divorce already.


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