Am I texting him too much?

There's a guy friends of mine that I like who I'm sure likes me as well. In person, we hang out, flirt playfully and all of that stuff. I think he won't tell me his feelings because he's shy. But he isn't shy with everyone else.

Anyways, I always initiate and text him like once every 2 Weeks or so. Tho only time he didn't reply was one time. And we always text for hours until we fall asleep and such. He's a really nice guy, but I wonder if I might come off as clingy. Or does he just not want to text me? I'm confused because people always say girls should never text guys first so I was curious? Thanks.


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  • Seems doubtful. you're not exactly burning up his texting allowance...Is there another girl in your group of mutual friends whom he seems interested in?, also playfully flirts with?

    Surely once every 2 weeks isn't clingy...and during those hours when you are texting with him, is the subject matter involving the two of you and your personal interests..or just about general subjects?

    Not suggesting anything just wondering if he's actually interested in you as a date or just as a friend he can talk to. Of course you could be right in your assumption that he's just really shy about communicating his feelings...but clingy? no way if it's as you say just once every two weeks or so


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  • I don't believe that is too clingy. If it is once every two weeks.

    I text when I want to and don't really play by those "rules" of who should text first. maybe who should call first when they are angry at one another. lol. but not text.