Guys, have you ever been turned off by the girl you like or have a thing for?

like may be what she was wearing that day, or if she was having a bad hair day, have you ever cringed or felt turned off by her appearance or something she did, if so what was it?

im asking because this guy I like, who I was sure liked me too, he saw me the other day and then turned his head around acting like someone was following him, and pulled out his phone, was smirking to himself, and quickly walked away ignoring me. it was the most degrading esteem crushing moment ever, and I just don't understand why he acted that way, when usually when he sees me, he holds eye contact and is flirty and says hi. he seems immature.


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  • ah, I wouldn't worry to much about it. I wouldn't really get turned off if she had a "bad hair day" or whatever. No worries, if I love her, I love her not much can change that. However when I am getting into a relationship and the girl does like me but she doesn't make much effort to contact me or call me; then yeah that is a huge turn off. Guys can get bored too, they need some contact every once in a while as we get bored making all the contact.

    As far as appearance though, not really no...


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  • Wow I never realized girls could get crushed that easily. Makes me wonder how many times lve done that to some girl without even knowing it.

    No lve never changed how l liked a girl on a day to day basis based on how she's dressed or how her hair is done or the shoes she's wearing or the kind of makeup she's wearing or if her nails are painted etc.

  • Yes.

    I went to this girls apartment & it was worse then a pig sty. It was more like she was living in squallier.

  • A bad haircut can do it.

  • I can't remember so probably not. If I like a girl, I like a girl. My liking a girl is usually more intense than a hairstyle and I want the full experience. I don't go around thinking in cartoon terms or perfect mannequins. Cartoons are fun sometimes but I don't mind a no-makeup glimpse and all that.


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