Help figure out where I'm heading to....

Its a long story, so I'll be very brief. But I'm at cross roads, and I need authentic suggestion here. Either this girl will start liking me again or I'm gonna throw her out of my life forever.

So, I started dating this girl a year ago. We were college friends but I was just a friend then. She was a mysterious girl, her behavior with a guy suggested she was already in a relationship but when asked she used to say he's just a 'best, special friend'. I still doubt that, even her girlfriends do. A player girl in short, very social and outgoing.

Anyway, our bachelors ended. In no time, she started hanging out with me and she started liking me. And I liked her. And then we both took admission in the same college in another town to pursue masters. There we became really close and I was with her for the full first semester and we shared a chemistry. But I had further career plans so I had to come back to my home town but we were in constant contact. I don't know if this is where I screwed up initially. she's a player girl and I had her in spite of her orbiters. A player takes no time in shifting :P

And then, I did a major mistake where I spoke something which she did not like, in fact loathed it but it was only a mistake, not deliberate. She thought I don't respect her which was not so. But the breakup was inevitable. I agreed to my mistakes like a true man and I agreed to cut all contact with her. I did NC for some 3 months where I learned from my mistakes and I can say with confidence that I have become even more outgoing and confident during NC.

All this is past history. Now comes the confusion point. She initiated contact out of the blues during semester end exams when I had to shift for a week to the town where our college is. As usual I replied in a totally positive manner without bringing in negative memories. So we had a conversation through texts only, not face to face as she had already spread the word about the breakup but her friends still like me. They know I'm a good guy and I would never say something bad in deliberation. Its just she won't speak to me in front of them cos that would her self image.

Now its vacations, we are back in the same town and she won't reply to any of my witty messages. Trust me, I send her witty messages once in 3 weeks, or even call her and she will never reply, she's just ignoring me which I guess she's doing a major mistake here. I remember she had scolded me and texted me to 'grow up' when we broke. Now I have grown, even more than she had expected why doesn't she appreciate this thing? And she keeps ignoring me! I don't know if she's having sex with another guy, but I'm sure she's not. However there is a guy whom she again treats special but not as a boyfriend. And this is where I need help. Either cut all kinds of contact with her and start dating others. Cos once I'll return to college to attend lectures, I'm very much sure she's gonna notice me. I'm a smart guy I know that myself. The whole class knows me...


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  • Honestly, sounds like she doesn't deserve u. No one wants to be in a relationship where the love is one-way.


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