Best way to make plans with super relaxed people?

One of my friends and I always try to hang out. But it never actually happens. Sometimes because of her parents, other times just because of her. She seems to be very lax about dates and times. We just hung out for the first time last week(outside of the thing we met at). And we have been trying to get together since February. You might think she doesn't want to hang out. I know she does. I can tell if someone is just being nice or if they actually want to be friends.

Anyways, we Wanted to hang out today after she got out Of work. But she never texted me last night like she said she would.

In the future, I just don't want to come As annoying or overbearing when we want to make plans. So what's the best way to approach making a plan so she will stick to it and show up?


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  • You're less important than her immediate agenda.

    If you want to keep her as a friend, you'll just have to put up with her "relaxedness" (read: undependability)


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