How long is a normal amount of time?

I always sent the first texts and was the one asking to hang out and everything so I decided I am just not going to initiate any more conversations or anything with my girlfriend. Its now on the 3rd day and neither of us has said anything... how long should I keep waiting?


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  • It is very long she is probably upset.

    • I couldn't imagine about what tho. Everytime I ask her if she is mad or anything she tells me no she is not and that she promises she is not. She also says I have done nothing wrong so not to sweat it

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  • Did you text her? I hope you did...I'm sort of like her...idk why thou :/ but if it was me right about now I would be going crazy wondering why you haven't texted me...

    • i sent her a messege on the 3rd day at like 12am and she responded, she just kinda blew me off tho and went to bed :/

    • oh :( well maybe you should call her during the day one day and check how she's doing...

    • she told me she was excited to tell me about her trip and that she's having a good time then said goodnight. Wasnt that blunt, I was summerizing. But still wasn't exactly what I was looking for after being ignored for 3 days

  • 3 days is really long. If you are in a relationship there should be at least one text message between the couple in a day.

    • she never initiates :/ in her defense she is on vaca right now in a different country but she's still updating FB and sh*t...

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    • i always do which is why I'm trying to see if she will do it first but I guess ill do it just so this doesn't turn into a stupid fight -.-

    • If you really love her, text her. And ask her why is she behaving lie this.

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