How can I stay on her mind?

what would the best way to stay on her mind? we would text relatively consistently while college was in session, but when she went out of the state for an internship, she got really busy and I slowed down the texting because she stopped replying as often.

then a few weeks ago, after a few missed texts, she sends me a text saying she is really sorry for not replying to the past messages, she isn't ignoring me, but is really busy and can't check her phone at work. I have texted her a couple times since then and each time it was a fairly short conversation.

I realize we are a ways a way from one another, so really just trying to stay on her mind until college reconvenes in August.


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  • really all you can do is to continue texting her. find a good pace for it (like not texting so much that she can't respond to them all). even if it was just one-two texts a week she would still be reminded of you

    • I don't text that often since I realized she was busy couldn't text much. the last time I texted her was Monday, and before that over a week before then. any other ideas?

    • i can't think of anything else. sorry :/

    • alrighty, thanks for the advice ^-^

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  • Just do your part, text her, or maybe send a message through e mail. MAybe she's really busy. If still that no progress, chill down then, she's maybe interested with someone else. If a girl really likes you, she will make a way to text and check you out. Just try to see signs.

  • Busy is never an excuse. She still need to eat, sleep, shower, so not even a minute to reply your message everyday? What I suggest is stop texting with her for a while, like a week? Then try to confirm the relationship once she text to you after that. Hehehe, but it is a bit risky to do so. Good luck.


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