Should I text him first?

There's this guy I like who's my brother's friend and I thought he liked me too but he hasn't texted me for over a month. I'm pretty sure it's because a month ago my brother told him to stop texting me so he did..But it's weird because whenever he's over at my house, he always talks to me even in front of my brother so he's definitely not intimidated by him. He hasn't been over for a few weeks though so that's another reason why I don't think he likes me anymore. Would it seem needy if I texted him? I've never texted him first before because I feel like I'd be annoying. Or should I just wait until the next time he comes over and be a bit flirty and wait for him to text me? Because I've been acting pretty uninterested in him lately..I didn't mean to though. Maybe I just shouldn't go there since he is my brother's friend after all..idk. But I really want something to happen between us this summer :/.


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  • At that age I didn't particularly worry or care that much about a certain girl. He may be interested in you but he has so many options at that age and I would think he's into a lot of other things besides girls. Plus he's your brothers friend so that would be weird for me especially at that age.


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  • Text him once and say "hey what the hell ya doing ahole?" He may laugh and text you back. Good luck


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