How to tell if a guy just wants to hook-up with a girl?

How can I tell if a guy genuinely likes me or if he just wants to get into my pants?


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  • Hard question... in all honesty most dudes will probably want to get in your pants, regardless if they really like you or not. So the best bet is to see how he acts around you, does he have a sorta long stares into your eyes, does he really click with you, I mean when you are talking do you two really enjoy it and is it natural. For me forexample many chicks I just want to sleep with I will never have long conversations with... cause the longer we talk the less I like her or I just find her boring. While all the girls I truly loved I was charmed by their personality, sometimes even at the expense of their physical appearance. I think that is the true key to find a person that really appreciates you.


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  • haha OK for me if I just want sex I would say"" hey you wanna come over to my house, we should drink some times.. or jsut ask to hang around night time.. But if I like her I would ask her to lunch and take her to a movie... or maybe even to a cook out

  • all guys want to do is get in your pants but then they realize they actually like you and want a relationship

  • i think if there was a way to tell, players would be far less successful than they are, right?

    • hahaha...I guess you're right.

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