A friend of this guy I'm dating asked me to be his girlfriend, do I tell/metion it to the guy I'm dating?

I've been dating my guy for 2 months.

I don't think they are close friends because the guy I'm dating never really hangs out with this guy.

I've only meet this guy 6 times AND I've never been on a date with him. We've met twice (one on one) just to study.

Should I tell the guy I'm dating or just leave it?

I'm thinking about leaving it because I don't want it to bother him but I really hope he doesn't find out later somehow...

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Do I tell the guy that I am dating right now?

I'll tell the guy that asked me to be is girlfriend that "I'm seeing someone..."


Most Helpful Girl

  • Tell him. He might get upset, but he'll at least appreciate your openness and honesty with him, and probably trust you more in the long run. Tell the guy you're taken and not interested if he doesn't already know that, and make sure your boyfriend knows that you've told him that. If the friend knows you're with his friend and asked you out anyway, your boyfriend also then has the option of eliminating a 'friend' who doesn't respect his relationship. All around, I think it would be best to tell him.

    • We haven't talked about being exclusive yet tho...

    • I still think you should mention it, because if you want to be exclusive, your guy needs to be aware of it, and other guys who ask you out should be aware that you have your sights set elsewhere. =]

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What Guys Said 2

  • YES!

    Tell him that you're dating the guy that you are (regardless of how they know each other).

    This will probably work in your favor, because he'll be MORE likely to back off and stop pursuing you due to the "bro code".

  • That dood sure fails at the bro code. Tell the guy. Let him know what kinda "bro" he has.


What Girls Said 2

  • Tell him, cause its funny and you seem worried about it.

    Don't tell him if its not a big deal and you're never going to think about it again.

  • if you are not ready to commit tell him that you are not ready to commit any way if you don't want to be his girlfriend then aren't you wasting his time? if you are not sure tell him you would like to date him for a while longer before you commit.