She doesn't know I like her. What does this mean?

There's this girl I like who could be construed as emo or goth by other people. We've known each other for almost 2 years now, and she considers me one of her best friends. She doesn't know I like her, and she hasn't had a boyfriend in over a year. I came back from a trip one day, and I hung out with her for a couple hours. She was joking about meeting my "future wife" on the beach, and then said she pictured me with a pretty blond, tan woman in the future. She has pale skin and she dyes her hair different colors, so I think she was describing the exact opposite of herself. I don't know what this means. Help?


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  • She as trying to figure out who you saw yourself with. You atomatacly should have said that's not the kind of girl your looking for... I wish you luck :)


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