Why can't people get over their past relationships?!

Why are there so many people on here wanting to talk to their ex girlfriends or boyfriends? Why can't people just move on in life. Worst of all why are there so many people in relationships wanting to talk to their ex if they aren't doing it already? Its quite annoying to see this all the time on gag!


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  • I agree with you completely, but to answer your question, its in our nature to dwell over somebody we've had strong connections to.

    I think it all has to do with how mature one is. Obviously the most immature would be the Facebook stalkers, the rumor spreaders, etc. The more mature would be the ones who move on and leave the ex behind.

    Personally, last year my relationship with my girlfriend of 8 years (fiance for 3) ended and I have no intentions of seeing or reconciling with her. She's over and it was an 8 year long mistake. Point being, its in the past and I've forgot about it.

    Its a shame others can't be like that though lol

    • Yes others should be like that lol. I'm really tired of seeing the gag questions on exs.

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  • coz it's easy to say in words,but it's hard to do it,feelings can't just go away when you want them to go away

  • Different people are different and get over things differently at different times. Who knew?

    • That doesn't justify why so many people think it's okay to communicate with their ex while in a relationship. When I say communicate I mean talk on the terms of fixing things.

    • Agreed. I don't know if they think it's really OK or not, they just do it anyways because the feelings they had for their ex override the ones for their current flame.

    • Yeah well they need to grow up and get over it.

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