Should I try to make a relationship happen, or move on?

Long story shortish. This guy and I were very close friends for about a year, he had feelings for me which I didn't return, things got confusing, we ended up fighting a lot, and in the end I told him we should take a break from each other. He told me he loved me and he thought I was the "one," and I told him we need space if we are gonna make anything work in the future.

Well after he came to terms with the space I'd given him (a few months), he told me he no longer thinks I'm "the one" but he would like to try to start over on our friendship. I said okay and we agreed to meet for lunch a year from that day.

So we have a lunch date this September. Unfortunately, now I'm the one who seems to have un-returned feelings. Although it's possible I'm just in love with the thought of him... it's been a long time since I've seen or talked to him.

So, do you think I should try to just be friends with him and be content with that? Or do that but then see about a relationship in the future? Or be upfront about my feelings?


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  • Go to the date and see how he acts..Don't talk about your feelings unless he brings it up.

    Act like a friend to him at first, if he wants to see you again then start opening up a little more. But don't bring up your feelings UNLESS he shows any signs that he still has feelings for you.

    You never know if he still does, and if he does then don't rush things and take your time to make it work (: Best of luck.