There is a wall between us apparently??

Hung out with this guy who is interested in me. He has told me he likes me, misses me, and loves hanging with me, kissing me, and cuddling with me. He is very physical (touching) me, and cuddling with me as well. We were talking last night and he says "You see the wall between us, I feel a Wall between us" and I said I do not know what you are talking about. Is he mad because him and I are not as close as he wants us to be?

I am not opening up to him as much because I do not know what he wants. He has said that he knows where he stands but all he has said is that he likes me, he is attracted to me, and he wanted to have sex. But I said no, I do not have sex with friends.

Then his excuse is What do you have to lose?

He still wants to hangout even if we do not have sex, and I like talking with him.

But he is taking it personal about the wall thing, I have a wall up with everyone, I rarely let anyone in including friends and family.

Solitude Person is what I am--I do not know how to change that and let him see I like him, even if I wanted to change that, I can't.

I hate feeling pressured to trust him when I am not sure how he truly feels. Is "i like you" as good as its going to get with guys?

He said he loves kissing me, and that he missed me like 5 times.

He is being extremely vulnerable and I am not. I do not know what to do. How is it my vault because he can't read me like every other girl?


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  • Well, you have to let your guard down. That is something that is entirely left to you. I used to have a guard up too. Then I met someone I really loved who hated it. He would always complain about me not opening up to him. I would NEVER talk about me. I decided that I liked and trusted him enough to be open with him so I did. All I did was tell him a story from my childhood and even after that I felt so much better. After stories, I was able to express feelings. I had been keeping things inside all my life. I finally found someone I could actually talk to. That was the true beginning of our relationship. Although it didn't work out for us, I'm thankful that I went through this because it has helped my greatly in my other relationships. Good luck! ^_^


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