Should I ask her out again?

Ok so I have liked this girl for a few years and got to know her more on a road trip me and some of our youth group did, and we got closer.

Except like 2 weeks later a friend asked her out, they broke up a few months ago. I flirted with her, she flirted with me.

So I might've made a mistake by buying her a small gift with a note saying that I like her, or well aiming towards that.

Soon after I asked her out before she left but only responded with "I don't know I have to go, ill talk to you later" since then she's still flirts with me, and I think I saw her eyes lit up when she saw me today. Should I try asking her out again?

I could supply more info if you like.


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  • I think you should give it another go since she didn't answer you the first time. She maybe had doubts or was playing hard to get, or really had to go and couldn't make a decision. But, if you want to go out with someone and you know that for sure, you'd say "YES". But there are many unknowns here. She is still flirting with you, or at least she is showing a lot of interest in you. If you ask her out again, it seems that the worse that can happen is she will just want to be friends, but at least she doesn't hate you :P

    If she ignores you at times, it could be her nervousness because she does like you. But then again..she may not.

    What I am saying is:

    1. I think it is more likely that she likes you rather than not.

    2. Ask her out again.

    Good luck!


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  • why did you say you made a mistake by buying her a gift? Her reaction?

    Give it another try, I'm sure she just panicked that's why she also said that she had to go.. tell her that you like her and then ask her again !

    • It was probably the way I gave it too her, I asked her best friend too since I had to take a trip out of town, I heard nothing about it since.

      16-17Well she did have to go, her ride was leaving. (shes like 16-17) OK thanks!

  • Definitely. She's not avoiding you and she's flirting, I'd say that shows interest.

    If it turns out that she's not into you, well it speaks about who she is.

    • Well quite honestly, not sure if she's flirting, and she defiantly has totally seemingly ignored me at times.

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