Is your significant other always challenging you?

I know when my husband and I start to disagree about a topic close to his heart he will start challenging me until he can prove he is right. When I don't back down, he gets really upset.

Do you have any significant other who reacts this way?


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  • No, I do not.

    Me and my significant other disagree on various topics.

    He will stand behind his point, and I will stand behind mines.

    We have debates, and sometimes in those types of discussions

    others will continuously try to prove their point correct.

    I let him know that its okay for him to have his own opinion, but I will continue to have mine.

    We respect each others point of views, and although I may not always understand his

    I don't try to hold my thoughts has better than his.

    If someone believes something to be true, you will have a hard time convincing them otherwise.

    So I accept him thinking differently than me, although at times I disagree with him.

    Your boyfriend is a very passionate person, but he needs to understand not everyone will

    agree with him. And when they don't, he needs to know that is okay.


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  • a man should never argue with a women. women are incapable of reason and logic. we, men, kings of the world, should just say "yeah, honey" and forget about everything.

    • Unfortunately that's true for a lot of women. But I wouldn't want a guy to be with that like me.

    • I suppose , you argue with the penis of a hermaphrodite, while conceding, to the vagina...

    • too funny toolouse! lol

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  • He challenges me and me him. I couldn't be with a guy that didn't stand by his convictions or wasn't passionate enough about something to discuss/debate it. But being able to challenge someone is not about winning or losing its about being able to listen to anothers opinion and respect it regardless of whether you agree or not. Someone else's opinions can help you view a subject from another angle and just because you believe your opinion is right it doesn't make the other guy wrong, just different. Throwing a hissy fit until you "win" is just immature, disrespectful and close minded and constantly wanting the other person to back down is controlling and slightly disturbing. What happens in other aspects of his life, like work, if someone disagrees with him does he freak out then too.

  • A peson will argue their point because they believe in what they are saying. arguing something till its done, does not mean, you attacking the other person, its a debate. that's what you do when you have a view different from someone else. argue it out.

    Of course he believes his view, to be correct, hence having that view. sometimes, in a course of an argument, you can look at things from another angle, but this would still require a debate.

    some people do argue just to assert themselves, I don't know your husband. maybe he's a control freak. but arguing itself, only means you believe in what you're saying, & why would you say it, if you didnt.

    people tell me I want them, to agree. if I debate a point. I don't see why id be debating if I just wanted agreement,.

    u may not like debates. he might enjoy them. you're not a very good match, I suppose.

    if he only recently started doing this, he might be mad about something else, & be expressing it passive aggressively. I e having a tantrum.

    if he's always done this, why did you marry him.

    • You pegged him right, when you said control freak. I love my husband but when he feels he is not in control of a situation, MAN OH MAN! He presents a debate just to argue he is right. Understand!? We have been married 19 years if we are not a good match, sex must be wonderfully holding us together! lol

      He has not always done this. When our girls were born it is like he took on a whole nother view of things.

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    • I like your last statement! Thanks!

    • good luck ;)

  • Sounds like you're both acting the same way: "when I don't back down, ". Neither one of you wants to back down, neither wants to be wrong. Unfortunately I'm the same way with my boyfriend sometimes. You just gotta try to keep a clear head and think about what's more important. Allowing yourself to be wrong and not step on your partner's toes or relentlessly cling to your side and risk it. It's OK to agree to disagree too.

    • Correct. I do find myself not backing down, just walking away fuming. He knows not to bother me when I am like this. But I will not here him say he is sorry when he is incorrect. I eventually cool off and our life resumes until the next argument, debate, whatever you want to call it.

  • I had one who was like this. He got really upset and angry. He couldn't even handle me yelling at him. But yeah it wasn't working out at all. Sometimes you have to learn when to step down or choose your word carefully or they will explode and whine and those little pieces blow up into mini pieces. lol

    • lol I actually know what you are talking about! lol

    • XD lol sometimes you have to be sensitive to them or else they will go nuts and I don't know about you but I could only take but so much of his craziness. lol

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