Guy I'm dating says "you're acting like my girlfriend"?

he does say we are dating/going out. but we never discussed being exclusive yet, it hasn't been that long (and there are some possible complications that we would have to work around, not such easy ones necessarily). though he has started asking me questions about myself in the future and calling me babe/baby. always holds my hand, acts coupleish.

the other day I got annoyed at him about something so I interrogated him. after he calmed down a bit he said to me "you were talking to me in an accusing manner, you're acting like you are my girlfriend!" and as he said this he was pulling me towards him to make out with me.

what does that mean? could he be thinking about making it more serious with me?


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  • I don't think "acting coupleish" as you put, has to be exclusive to people who are officially involved. People do that stuff all the time with people their just on a date with, I do, it's just a way some people act.

    But to answer the problem, until you talk about it openly with him you'll both be on a different page and have a different understanding of how things are.


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