I don't know if will even want to date me or what.

So I have been dating my boyfriend since February & I am crazy for him, the first month of our relashionship was great I was so happy! Then we got caught at a hotel and I was the only one who got grounded. I soon found out that while I was grounded he would majorly flirt with girls on Facebook and he made out with a girl in a game of truth or dare. We broke up for about a week. He claimed that he was an ass, he felt bad all that kind of stuff and when I almost convinced myself that I was over him he wrote on my Facebook wall a whole long note that was the cutest thing and he was asking for me back.. I know this may seem cheesy but I really like this kid so much so I started dating him again. about a week later he had to be sent to boarding school. he is still there for a total of 6 months and its been almost 3 already. our 5 months of dating is in 2 days and I think about him every single day.. I don't know if he is thinking about me because I can't talk to him while he is there. I don't know if will even want to date me or what. I'm not sure if holding on is the right thing. but there is no other guy I want to be with so I convince myself that it is. but I always get that feeling that when 6 months come he won't want me. what should I do?


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  • If you really had the strong love thing between you guys, he will definitely want you back :)

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