Should I be worried?

This guy was telling everyone I am his girlfriend, he holds my hand and public and kisses me, and we hang out like almost everyday. We have been like this for 3 months but we Haven't talked about if we are girlfriend and boyfriend yet..

Then I find out from a friend he had a friend that was a girl over, but they were in his room with the door closed. Should I be worried :(


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  • worried, yes, alarmed? not nessicerily, id confront him at once


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  • That sounds a little odd. How did your friend find out about this? And you are his girlfriend if he's introducing you as so to everyone, you don't even need the talk.

    • he has a guy roommate that my friend goes over and sees lol.

      and oh really?

    • Well I'd ask him about it. If he says it was nothing then I'd just ask your friend to kinda keep tabs on him to see if it happens again.