Guys what happened, what did I do wrong?

This guy was totally into me, that where it started anyway. He would ask me out, then one time he asked me hangout he said he would let me know and he never did and then he acted like it never happened ( that we had plans and he never followed through) I called him on it and he apologized and we met again. This time he kissed me and acted all nice and couply. Then he would not ask me out to lunch again ( we work at the same place during the summer) He said " well hangout outside of work" and when I left he asked me if I wanted to hangout and even wrote me in a card that he would see me in the summer. He asked me what I was doing for the long weekend. He said he might not be back in town but he would text me.. and he never did. I haven't texted him.

I'm heart broken I don't know how I went from his head being in the clouds for me to this. Did I do something wrong? What happened.


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  • many men care much about the apperence, he might be discontent with your apperance since your over 30, now I'm not trying to be mean or anything but I'm not very good at being subtle I am a frank and blunt person so il anser you in the only way I can and I hope it makes you a bit wiser, you might be a fantastic person but like I said many guys wants younger hotter girls when their gfs hit 30+ (and his probably too scared to just break up, that or he doesn't wanna hurt you) I as a guy can tell you there's nothing worse then seeing a girl cry

    • im 21 I can't change my age on this thing. he is 22, apparently I am the only girl he ever took notice to, that what his friends and co workers told me.

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