Is it just a routine or love??

how do you know if you are with someone because it has become sort of a routine 4 you or if you love them? I have been with my boyfriend for 1.5 years it was long distance so very difficult to actually be sure about how you feel whilst being in a relationship like that.

In the meantime I met someone else who makes me feel something I Haven't felt before I Haven't done anything of course because I am in a relationship but the new guy is trying really very hard 2 get 2 know me even though I've told him I have a boyfriend. we are friends but I know he wants something more and I can't help but think that I do 2...

I've tried a numerous amount of times 2 break up with my boyfriend but can't seem 2 do it as he is back home for good now and it will no longer be a long distance relationship, and he will not let me go. I love him but I'm not sure that I am in love with him I never felt the enthusiasm that I felt 4 this new guy now which isn't so new as we have been friends for about 8 months. can a relationship just turn out 2 b a routine? and is this why I can't leave? :S


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  • I would stay with your boyfriend a little bit longer. Long distance definitely puts strains on relationships but now that he is back, maybe things will improve. You just have to put effort into it just like any other relationship. However, if things don't improve, you might just have to move on. Just make sure this isn't a case of "forbidden fruit."


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