Disaster! His friend tells that this guy wants to ask me out, in front of us both! What do I do?

Guy no. one and me are friends and like each other, but its taken him a while to act on it. Meanwhile his friend, guy no. 2 basically says in plain English that guy no. one wants to ask me out, in front of guy no. one and me! Now guy no. one has bailed on me and gone extremely quiet and backed off almost to the point of ignoring me totally.

I feel a bit played here and have no idea what to do. He knows I like him as I gave him my number. This guy is not shy. Please help! I have no idea what is going on. This all happened 3-4 weeks ago.

Advice is very appreciated!

One thing I've noticed is, guy no. 2 has shut the F*** up about us now, he was dropping hints goodo there for a while then culminated in this massive one now, I'm guessing he got an earful from guy no. one about it and has learned to keep the hell out! yeah its awkward now!


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  • Really? I'd be happy guy #2 broke the ice. After you get this awkward phase over with.

    The reason he backed away was because you knew he liked him. It was out in the open. And obviously you didn't really react the way he wanted you to. I bet you got quiet, shy, awkward, you didn't really pursue him. You ran off all embarrassed. Which he interpreted as you werent interested. So now it's awkward central. He thinks his secret is out, and you rejected him. So now you got this awkward friendship going on.

    The correct reaction was a big ole smile followed by you making it clear you felt exactly the same way about him. However you reacted, you didn't pull that off.

    Solution is you need to contact him. Give him sh*t for not contacting you maybe. Say how you feel. Time for you to make your confession. It should work out fine. In the remote chance guy #2 was lying (and he prob wasnt) then at least you tried.

    I think it would be a shame if you let this slip through your fingers. A f***ing shame.

    • i agree. I really like him. you're right in what you say about how I reacted. but since he backed off, I backed off, and got very annoyed cos I thought I was being played with. after which guy no. one came and reassured me everything was OK and not to worry. not sure how to take this. but I think one of us needs to make a solid move.

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    • This won't happen unless you say you like him. You'll thank me later. And it'll be one of the heroic moments in your life. Don't blow it.

    • i dunno, I gave him my number and got no response. like I said, he is not shy. I just wish I knew what he was playing at. don't know why he won't make a move despite my green light. he knows I like him. thanks for your answer tho.

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  • Just tell him you like him and whatever happens happens. Nothing to lose really if its already awkward


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  • Because you didn't atomatically say yeah I like him to, he probably things that you rejected him. If you like him I would tell him, he's probably just a little embarrassed. If your not sure if he likes you I'd cheack with guy number 2 just to make sure he wasn't kidding. Good luck :)

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