Now that it's summer we don't see each other or talk at all...

Me and this guy are friends and I spent the majority of the school year trying to find out whether or not we were more than friends (whether or not he was serious when he was flirting with me). We were, but since we've reached that conclusion nothings happened.

If I text him he answers back ad , but now that summer's started if I want to talk to him I have to initiate...Not that we texted much during the year, but during the year we saw each other every other day or I would go to his house to hang out with friends.

There's nothing wrong with me initiating, but I don't like to bug people so I text him like every few weeks and I'd feel weird asking him hang out ...that's not enough I want to talk to him/ see him more...


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  • He sounds tepid toward any relationship. This does not bode well for your future.

    You feel weird asking him to hang? That's your problem. If you were to think more of him and the hanging out, you wouldn't feel weird.


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