Why is he doing this?

I know my boyfriend loves me more than anything in the world... we've been together 9 months and he loves when we spend a whole day together even if its days in a row. he is back on break and I'm going back with him to start college Thursday so I've been with my family and he's been with his and we Haven't seen each other a whole lot. He used to call me all the time and loved doing it, but now he acts like its a chore to call...if I ask please hell say "i guess I can boo" what's up with that?


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  • Perhaps he's talked out? How many total hours per week do you spend talking with each other or in person? After a while, it might be a bit much.

    • we don't talk on the phone much anymore so its not like that's an issue... he hates talking on the phone I think I said that but yeah I don't know why he doesn't anymore... for me it sucks because I have a lot gonig on and he is the only one who makes me ffeeel like everything will be perfectly fine but with both of us being busy with family I can't c him and texting that stuff just isn't the same

  • I think he thinks you're going to go off to college and meet some dudes. Talk to him, figure out what's bothering him..we're not made of stone, you know

    By the way, I saw you're in Ohio. I'm in Cleveland so I sent you a request!

    • thats deff not it haha! we are gonig to the same college.. he started in April adn I am starting Monday we leave Thursday. His room is a floor above me and a few rooms over lol we have so much trust its insane and he knows I only want him lol and I don't know he won't say why... when I see him ill try to get him to say m,ore... his best friend thinks its because its less real texting and when he talks to me on the phone it pisses him off because he isn't right there with me and wants to be

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    • young.. yes... naiive? hell no. Everyone says I am a lot more mature than most 20 year olds... that came from not seeing my mom for almost 5 years and my "dad" was either working, drinking, gambling, or anywhere but the house and I raised 4 younger siblings on my own my bf... well he had to raise himself... learned to cook and clean like I did before age 10 because he was alone while his mom worked and then wanted to sit around after. So we both are waayyy ahead of where most people are

    • Young and naive

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