Cruise novice, help me find a gal.

Hey I was recently dumped and Id like to "hook up" on a cruise I'm going on in three weeks I'm a decent looking guy described generally as "cute". Now I've been on one cruise a socially it was a dud.

I am that kid whose brain is wired for serious relationships but now I'm trying to brake the habit and go for fun.

Any tips on how to get a fun kinda relationship on a cruise (7 days) would help thank you!


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  • One word: alcohol.

    • 2 words: under aged

    • well you can have that attiitude if you want but getting some isn't that hard and you'll be able to get with pretty much any underage girl you want because they'll think you're all fun/spontaneous/risktaker/etc.

    • things is I'm not lol I can be those but not with alcohol I'm look fo a carier in military law so brakign the law isn't on my agenda

  • Well they have a lot of social clubs for kids under 18, that should be easy.