Why is he doing this after a year and a half?

Why is he doing this?

We have been together for a year and a half now and he still won’t answer my call if he is with his friends. I don’t get it I am there for him win he needs to talk but he is not always there for me. He got me a promise ring and id paying on my engagement ring. He’s ready to commit to me but why won't he answer?


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  • I don't know but it could be 2 things-1 he could just not want to be bothered while with his buddies which I find to be rude and mean. 2 he could be doing something worse that you do not want to know about. If you are paying for that promise ring that is bullsh*t and promise rings are bullsh*t as I told you before


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  • Women and men think differently regarding a number of issues.

    He is having fun time with the guys and does not want to be interrupted. He might not have his phone close to him and even if he noticed it ringing, he wouldn't bother picking up the phone because he is simply enjoying his time.

    Guys, unlike us, like to have some quality time on their own or with their friends. Girls like that too but not as often as guys want. They like to enter their own cave doing whatever they want to do without being questioned, judged or interrogated. Also, they think we'll be understanding and expect no drama or stupid questions like "Why didn't you answer your phone?!" I'm not saying you're being silly. I'm just explaining to you how guys think.

    Girls like to SHARE everything with their man. We like to give everything: our time, our heart and whatnot. Guys aren't the same. They love us their own way.

    Of course I learned how guys think over the years so it's completely normal if it annoys you. I understand how you feel, but I'm just trying to convince you not to be mad at him. He doesn't mean to hurt you. He is just being..him. A man.

    He will love you even more if you gave him space and allow him to enjoy himself on his own every now and then without being questioned or judged. Men hate to be interrogated or see their woman mad at him for "nothing" as they always say.

    He loves you so no need to be mad at him. He is just enjoying his time. And yes, we're not always on their mind. That does not mean he doesn't love you.

    So yeah, men think a bit differently. :) Smile!

    • Thank you I try to give him space but I haven?t seen him in a week so I?m feeling a little left out and I needed to talk to him and he wouldn?t talk at all that day. But bow he?s talking so we worked it out but I still feel a little left out.

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    • will do thank you

    • This answer is exactly right. Give him lots of space and he'll love you for letting him have his guy time and eventually he'll miss you and always come back to you.