Men, what does it mean when a man tells a woman that she is beautiful and would do anything for her, but don't hit on her?

Ok its weird, because I notice men treat me differently it seems, I get men saying I am a beautiful woman, they open doors for me, do things for me willingly, some even buy me clothes willingly and smile while they are doing it for me, now I don't tell them to do these things,they just want too, but yet they don't hit on me, like I see when they hit on other women like talk about, you know how they holla at other women like per se, they not scared to talk to other chicks, but me I talk to guys all calm and stuff, its like they be scared to talk and they just be smiling! Please some guy tell me what does that means, because I have nice personality funny girl, but guys seems to get scared and just smile and stare lol! Why is that?


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  • He feels you are too good for him.

    • Oh that's why wow, I have never notice that lol! I just thought it was weird, but thanks for letting me know that!

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