Why did he just stop texting?

met thus guy through my bestie, he actually messaged me on fb last week and asked me to text him. I waited until the next day, texted him and had some pretty great convos throughout the week. We made plans to do like a double date to the beach that weekend. He tested me that Friday and asked me to call him, I did we talked for a bit confirmed the beach date for the next day. Went to the beach had a few drinks, played football, had a blast, went back to our friends house played wii laughed bbq'd drank, had a really great time. We ended up kissing, or making out whatever but it didn't go any farther. We slept on the couch cuddled and talked till we fell asleep. When we woke up we hung out for a while had some more great cuddle time and conversation, then I brought him back home. He said text me later baby, that was it. This was Sunday, ever since then everything is super short and I have to initiate the conversation. I texted him and said earlier OK your obviously not very talkative tonight text me when your free. I got an OK and no response bqck. What the hell did I do wrong?


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  • He could';ve just been a bit busy or tired

    you might also be a little too available to him

    try texting another day asking him hows his day or something or try and get him on the phone and see if he still acts like that

    if he does, just stop texting all together and let him go

    sometimes a man will act aloof once he realizes he has feelings or he might disappear when he realizes he's not that interested. you didn't really give too much info for me to see especially since I don't know him..

    • I mean nothing else really happened, it just confused the hell out of me. I'm definitely going to take your advice and not text him, and see where it goes. Thanks

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