How can I show that I am in to a relationship?

Well, I'm already 21 but never had a serious boyfriend. I had pasts but I consider it as flings. I have lot of friends (Boys/Girls) because I talk a lot, I easily laugh/smile and I can mingle to almost anyone. I am not that desperate but I'm just wondering why. some of my friends told me that their are guys who got a crush on me but none of them can ask to court me. They can't even believe that I have no boyfriend this time. What do guys really wants to be in a relationship? Another one is some also treats me as a young girl ! How can I show that I am in to it? What can I do to appear more mature?

any answers is highly appreciated:)))


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  • Wear high necked dresses...just kidding!

    Be serious when you talk to a guy, even if you are flirting at the same time. Make sure you hold their gaze briefly a few times during any conversation.

    If you catch them looking you over, laugh and tell them that you've caught them!

    • it:) Boom! I caught you! is it like that? kiddin:) I always look directly to anyones eyes when I'm talking but they can't hold it. But every time I try to be serious, I feel like they are just taking advantage of it.. grr.. so hard to determine though:/

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  • Well for one you can stop asking why people would want to be in a relationship. That in and of itself shows an immaturity.

    Asking a question like that is like asking why people want to eat and sleep. It's instinctive. There is just a different set of rules. I'm not going to do much more than talk to you if we're not dating. Don't expect to get a bunch of attention from me if you're not my GF. Just doesn't work that way.

    • uh-oh..:))

    • Wanting only flings is fine if that is your prerogative. Just realize that as you get a bit older (usually into your 20's). Most people will view you as less mature if you are more interested in flings than in actual relationships. Flings are usually the type of thing people do in high school and college, partially because after that, you shift your focus into looking for potential marriage partners. Just realize that a girl who wants flings and is going to attract a certain type of guy.

  • The guys that like you are obviously extremely shy, because men should know a women is "into it" if she stands there putting up with your lame attempts at hooking up. If you want to show you're interested, try to tie in plans with things you talk about. If he said he liked the Dark Knight trailer (who wouldn't though, honestly) say "Me too! We should go see that!"

  • Guys want a trustworthy loving affectionate girl that they can count on but you should be looking for the same thing if you want something serious

    • uh-oh, how can I show them that if they won't even try to know the deeper me and they can only find that out if they will court me :))

    • Wats your longest relationship if you don't mind any asking? A man knows what he wants and what he's looking for you should ask questions to see what he's looking for to determine if he will even court you if he doesn't seem interested you will know by the answers he gives u.

      A man that's interested will also ask questions...if your looking for flings your gona get fling...

    • :)) yass thanks..

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