Do you know one of those girls that every guy falls for - what is it about them?

There are some women that have guys falling at their feet. They are not always the most attractive, or the nicest girls.

Do any girls/guys know a girl like this? What do you think sets them apart from the rest of us :)


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  • I do know one of those girls, me. I wouldn't say I have absolutely EVERY guy falling for me, but I'd say a good 90% of the guys who get to know me do. I've never really been turned down and guys that I've dated have always been interested in pursuing something serious with me.

    It's probably different reasons for different girls but for me I think it's cause I've always been one of those girls who's "like one of the guys." So guys naturally feel comfortable around me and I usually have a lot in common with them as well. I'm also pretty confident in myself, don't play games, don't get upset easily, I'm more on the quiet side, I like to joke around, etc. All that helps too.

    There is a downside to it all though... it makes it really hard to have any male friends unless they're friends of my boyfriend =(


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  • They're confident just being themselves. They're usually in a good mood and up for having a good time, easy to talk to and not stuck-up. They're not fashion victims, not bitchy, and always looking to make new friends. They say what they mean and don't f*** people about to get their own way.

  • i know what your talking about... its probably their lifestyle. there are a lot of guys now a days who are losers and go after women who have a lot of publicity in the streets; just to give the image that they might be f***ing them, etc

    i pity those guys to the fullest!

  • Everything about her was perfect. ;-;

  • My ex is the most attractive girl I have ever met and everywhere we go there are always guys staring at her, initially I ignored her as she got b.f ,but somehow she messaged me randomly and things went on like a dream,the thing I liked about her the way she cared about me showed that motherly affection which made me fall for her sadly she didn't fall for me but had a huge crush and I was left with broken heart and empty promises,though I still wish she is safe and happy wherever she is


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  • I know a girl like that, lets just say she is pretty easy to get in bed...

  • I know two girls like that. Both know how to make guys feel special/different with just the simplest remarks or body language signals and stuff.

  • well I don't have guys falling for me

    i am sweet

    however I speak my mind and don't give a f*** what people think about me

    i am always up for some fun

    i am not bitchy unless someone is bitchy to me

    i like to understand people I don't judge a person based on things I've heard

    however I am never asked out or anything

    i guess I lack the attractiveness of those girls but I like the way I look and I wear what I feel looks damn good on me but no guy has looked at me twice .